Adulting 101

Hello readers, Happy April! (I’m writing this on April 30th so for some of you…’s May)

For those of you on the West Coast, isn’t that sunny weather beautiful? For those of you on the East. Hold on? Don’t give up? Spring is around the corner?

Thought I should give you all an update as the lean mean jaw machine is up and

My jaw is feeling well as of lately. Stressful full times make for stressful jaw muscles but a lil’ bit of relaxation and stress-relief is a quick solution for that.

So, it’s time for me to get my more “permanent” teeth. As of now, I had composite added to my teeth on the bottom (mainly the front two) and while I don’t mind it, I also despite it. The reason I say I don’t “mind it” is because I am lucky to have been able to get it. The reason I despise it is quite simple:

They break.

I have come to understand that the time limit of MY personal composite is one year and a half. After that time has passed, I prepare to lose half a tooth. It’s traumatic and frustrating.

I would also like to bring attention to the fact that I have lost my half tooth while eating my favorite foods. These are never healthy foods, and they are not foods I consume regularly….but they are some of my favorites.

First, was the bagel. Ah bagels. My personal favorite is Cinnamon Raisin. Give me a good Cinnamon Raisin bagel and I will TEAR off individual bites and insert them into my mouth on the side.


Okay,  maybe you shouldn’t be eating them ever….but really….bagel.

Then it was the quesadillas. A soft warm cheesy beautylicious invention I created that was so delicious. So timeless. I have no had a quesadilla since.ff836a19c324f728e0c957ebd5625028So, as you can see, it is not a question of eating hard foods. My teeth literally FALL out of my mouth mid-dinner. If that’s not attractive, I don’t know what it is.

Prior to getting my more permanent teeth, I am going to be giving up my old two piece retainer. I have been told by Dr. Chira that a one piece nighttime retainer will be better for my overall jaw and will likely protect my teeth more. (There are assumptions that my jaw could be causing the breaking teeth.) I am fine with that as long as they don’t blame it on the quesadillas. #TeamQuesadilla

Once I get this new retainer/splint/denture/contraption, I will move on to the esthetic tooth portion.

So I repeat this to you once again:

Jaw surgery is not a one time thing, it is a commitment.

(Apparently I missed the memo on that, wouldn’t have changed my decision but still, memo = missed it.)

I am also partaking in using some White Strips. I have thoroughly enjoyed them as my teeth look surprisingly whiter.

As always. keep the questions coming, I love hearing from all of you!