I have recieved an overwhelming response from people with many questions. Please ask your questions right on here in a comment. As much as I wish I could respond to all the questions by email, I just dont have the time and a lot of the questions are the same 🙂

Thank you so much!





I am upset…and very disappointed.

Here I am, almost a year post-op and I have been on a soft chew diet for three days. I can’t believe I’m actually saying those dreaded word….SOFT CHEW. After not eating solid food for FOUR months I thought I was done with that, done with the dreaded feeling of being constantly hungry and weak.

To make matters worse? I am going to NYC exactly a year after I went right before going to California for the surgery. It’s like a bad Groundhog Day scenario!

I’ve been in a lot of pain. I don’t know why? I’ve been waking up with pain in my jaw so bad I can’t sleep through a whole night. My hearing’s impaired because of a connection between my jaw and my ears. When I chew anything or talk, a strange noise like…grinding noise or crunching echoes through my skull.

I have informed Dr. Gunson, letting him know that I made an emergency appointment to see Dr. Mac in NYC. Another 400 + dollars to fly down there and thats without the appointment cost.

I wrote to them last week asking them a question. Four days ago I wrote to them again because I got no reply, repeating my previous question and saying that I was scared, that I NEEDED some kind of reassurance. Did I go through months of pain and hell for nothing? After having facial reconstructive surgery I never thought I would be in any more pain. I was told I would be back to normal..and Im not.

I have followed every single recommendation and every rule possible.

I understand that sometimes these things happen, but there is nothing worse then when your feeling ignored.

I have spent a good part of the past three years dedicating myself to my surgery. My family has made so many sacrifices to afford all the doctors appoiontments, trips to NYC, trips to California.

I was very hesitant to write on here because I didnt want to scare anyone but with the recommendation of my friends and family, it’s something that needed to be said.

I wasn’t ready to still be having issues post-op. It seemed impossible for me.

Now I’m just wondering: is it a botched surgery? Is it something that was done wrong?Am I being lied to? Is their something wrong with my joints/ligmanets/ bone that NO ONE is telling me?

All I need is answers. A simple email back.

I don’t feel that that is too much to ask for?

Of course, its possible that maybe the doctors are on vacation. Perhaps my email is not working.  Last time I saw Gunson, I was nothing but happy and I am still so reassured by his confidence in my healing and overall improvement. I know Gunson cares about my overall recovery.

I will update you once I get back from NYC.

Stay strong my fellow surgery friends.


Hi everyone!

(Had a shirt with “Just got my braces removed” made, thanks to mom for the purchase!!)

Here are some pictures of me with my new-and-improved smile. I was waiting to get my haircut and finally did it so…here they are!

I finally found a food that I hadnt been able to eat. Tootsie rolls. breaking off the pieces, I feel I can thoroughly enjoy them now!

The reason I put on this photo is because you can see the “new” shape of my jaw. And look at that slight cheekbone action happening 🙂


Hey folks!

There are no words to describe. I just got home from my first night out in the “real world” without my braces. They have always been a sort of security blanket for me. An insecurity…yes, for sure. But at the same time, a type of protection from the outside word. An excuse, If I may say so, not to interact with that hottie by the water fountain 😉  There is nothing worse then someone criticizing you for your braces.

-Oh, I’m sorry. Are they offending you!? Let me take back my 7 hour surgery, two nights in the hospital, THREE years of preparation, physical therapy, trips to California, and COUNTLESS appointments at the dentists office back.

I feel pretty confident, a form of undefeatable. I keep catching myself laughing and smiling and then realising that its okay….I don’t need to suddenly close my mouth out of fear.

It may sound weird that it would be such a huge deal but to me, but it was. And I know I’m not the only person to have felt their braces were such a huge part of their life. I may be weird, yes. But I am in no way stupid.

My plan from here is to get back to being super healthy. Perhaps being vegan? I don’t know. Now that I don’t have my braces I feel like I need something else to study. Something to keep me occupied.

As for those of you wondering what I’ve eaten so far, I never really changed my diet. No gum still but that’s because I feel like gum is just so bad for  your jaw in general.

I was waiting in line for food tonight and noticed a young attractive male specimen cutting. His reason for cutting was…interesting. Apparently, your birthday is a reason to cut in front of a whole line of people.

OBVIOUSLY I said something. Before I got my braces I would have probably kept my mouth shut and watched him “break the rules” but tonight, heck….there was no passing me. I went right up to him and said “I don’t care if its your  birthday, I JUST got my braces removed and you need to wait in line like everyone else.”

The rest is history. My room mate got her piece of pizza and I went home and had oatmeal. (Remember the whole “going vegan” plan?, yea I started it.)

To all my followers out there 😉 Don’t think that this will be the end of it, I will be back. There are still numerous doctors appointments, trips to NYC to see doctors, and perhaps a trip to S Barb. I am beginning the last wing of my recovery.

I am so proud of all the people that have with-gone the surgery. There is nothing as emotionally and psychologically “testing.” For me, I would say it was physically challenging jsut because I love to stuff myself with food and not eating for four months was difficult. My twenty pounds lost are slowly creeping back but Im working to keep them off. That is definetly one of the things I gained after surgery. I mean, losing a pound a day has its short term benefits. It’s keeping it off that can be challenging.

For all you people out there, I congratulate you whether you’re done with surgery or just beginning!

It is all worth it.

Beginning of the End

As I promised, here are some pictures of me with my braces on. I can’t believe tomorrow I get them removed!

Its simply unreal.

I will obviously post pictures tomorrow but here are some from today.

I hope all of the other people getting jaw surgery will read this and remember that it will all be done soon! I know it can seem like years away, but trust me…it goes by so quickly. Before you know it, you’ve gotten your surgery and you’re all done.
Here to starting new with my new smile!


Yesterday was my appointment with the whole team. It is always such a wonderful delight to see them. Obviously, I came bearing gifts. Lake Champlain Chocolates (almond and cherry truffles) for the docs.

There is nothing funnier then having all three work on my mouth. You know those scenes from movies when you see the doctors from the view of the patient? All you can see is their faces with the lights attached to their heads….

I went in to my appointment expecting to find out when my braces would come off but I was also ready to not get an answer. That’s one thing that this process has taught me. Don’t expect anything at every appointment. Sometimes I would get no answer while others I would find out something that I didn’t even thinking anyone would know.

All I received was good news 🙂

Turns out my mouth is at a great place. I think I heard the word “perfect” being mentioned 😉 My braces are coming off in THIRTEEN days and I could not be more excited. This is the one thing I have been waiting for and I am still in shock that I’ll actually be able to smile like I used to. There’s nothing worse then being in a room full of people and not talking because you fear what people will say.

“Why do you have braces?” (The most frustrating question in my opinion. Oh, these ol’ things? I thought they looked good with my earrings so I got them put on.)

“OMG, I didnt even notice you had braces!?” (See, this one is half and half because on one side Im happy you didnt see them, but on the other side you just reminded me.)

The other day I was talking to a little girl at a chocolate store and no joke, she looks at me and goes. “DO YOU HAVE BRACES?” When you’re so close to getting them off it’s like you don’t care anymore about people asking. She said they were SO COOL! And I just laughed and said “I know!!” Ah, so naive. She has no idea….

So these babies are coming off in twelve days! TWELVE DAYS. TWELVE DAYS. TWELVE DAYS.I am definetly getting a t shirt that says “JUST GOT MY BRACES REMOVED!” I’ve been planning it for a while. I will be so happy that I won’t care if people stare. I have a beautiful smile and you are all welcome to see it 🙂


No more flossing with a threader, no more elastic bands, no more pain.


Please feel free to ask me questions, I love reading them!

It’s the Final Count Down.

Well, countdown may be a little bit of an exaggeration but….a hopeful (very hopeful) date has been given for when I will finally be able to get my grill removed.

Dr. Chira will be having her baby in mid- November and has set up a time line in hopes of having everything complete by that date. Yay.

*  I have informed her that if they are not removed, I will in fact show up at the birth of her child and insist she remove them promptly 😉 Just kidding.

Anywho’s, my jaw is still feeling dandy and I even munched on a granola bar today. I was rummaging through the kitchen like a squirrel searching for food when my roomie said I could have the “hard” granola bars. I felt a sense of sadness as I realised my jaw wouldn’t be able to….Oh wait, yes it can. Tehehehehehe

I broke off pieces of the granola bar (okay there were three bars in all but they were different flavors and I wanted some variety) and my little jaw was working at it. I am hoping im not in pain tomorrow but I figure until I hear a bang, crack, or god forbid the sound of a metal screw coming loose, I will be just fine.

I am still taking all thirteen of my pills, yay. I enjoy showing onlookers my ability to take so many at once. I consider this a talent. Please don’ t try to challenge me as this can be dangerous.

I made some calculations and  have now swallowed:

1,095 daily vitamins,

and a whopping 3,500 fish oil pills.


With all the Omega 3 I take, I better live to be a hundred and five.

The other medicines don’t matter but it is all either the same or more then the above. Ah, the sweet thought of filling my body up with chemicals and fish nutrients is so refreshing.

* I have recently discovered that fish oil can be bought off of Amazon for a fraction of the price. Just a fact.

I am currently working at the front desk at a classy chassy hotel and to my surprise, a dental conference is booked for the rest of the week. Oh, what a joy. As soon as my boss mentioned this to me I smiled saying “they are going to be all over me.” I am expecting a whole array of questions that I will obviously shut down immediately by exclaiming “I’M A JAW SURGERY PATIENT. This is not your simple orthodontics sir, this is far more complicated.”

I will then offer to speak of my experience at this dental conference in return for donations. I am always thinking up of new ways to bring in the dough.

Please entertain me with more of your questions and think of me as my long journey through this lonnnngggg voyage comes to a slow finish. I have begun the descent and look forward to starting my journey on a brace-free land.