It’s hard to believe it has been six months since my surgery. Ay ay ay! Most people would probably say it feels like it was yesterday but honesty, for me, it feels like it was six years ago. I cant believe I’ve only been eating normal food for two months. How did I do it!?
As for my swelling I would say that its gone but the doctors say it stays for a year after surgery so who knows if I’ll look in the mirror soon and notice a difference? My jaw doesnt give me any issues with popping or cracking. Every now and then I get some soarness but it’s not a huge deal and its usually because I need an orthodontic adjustment of some sort.

I have been able to keep the 20 pounds I lost after surgery off (well, Im three pounds heavier) but im staying healthy. I still LOVE to eat and cant believe I was on liquids for EIGHT weeks. I just can’t believe it.

Im fully healed from my second little baby procedure in New York City and Dr. Chira says my teeth are moving along just fine. Not sure if I will ever know how much time it cut off my having braces (its like looking into “what could have been”) but I will let you know.
For now I just can’t wait to get the “okay” from Dr. Mac to get my braces off and then I plan on flying out to Santa Barbara and getting the final say from Dr. Gunson. I am THAT desperate….and excited. Can you imagine? Hopping on one flight to Caifornia one day and the next flying back East? Geesh desperate much? I’d be lying if I said I wasnt saving money for it hehe.

I will post some pictures of my profile as soon as possible. Questions are always welcome of course.

p.s As an update on my Quaker/Campbell boycott. It is still stronger then ever and I feel empowered. My dislike for their lack of generosity was further strengthened when I recieved a coupon from one of them in the mail…adressed directly to me mind you. What was this coupon you speak of? ONE DOLLAR OFF. ONE DOLLAR. One dollar is what I find on the floor on a good day. One dollar is what I could make if I roamed the sidewalks for coins. As you can see….I…am…still…bitter.